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User Agreement

Terms of Use User Agreement Information Form

Dear User;

By logging into our website and/or subscribing, you accept the following terms and our Privacy Policy. All these rights and the obligations you undertake by being a user/member are briefly outlined in the information forms below and comprehensively in the relevant agreements. For this reason, we recommend that you examine each condition and contract in detail and consult your lawyers if necessary.
Apart from this, for all your questions;

• You can send us your questions in writing via the Contact section on our website,
• You can get an immediate response to any of your questions by contacting us via our phone number +90 542 416 12 16 or by emailing between 09:00-18:00.

As a user, you are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance.

This User Agreement (shortly “Agreement”), 1.Sakarya Mah. Akdeniz Cd. No:1 Balıkesir, with Mia Utopia Wooden Toys (shortly “Mia Utopia”), by becoming a member of Mia Utopia’s website (shortly “Site”) and/or viewing the Site and/or accessing the Site. It is arranged electronically between the User (“User”), who declares that he has read the entirety of this Agreement, understands and approves all the provisions, and has no objections to the provisions contained herein, by taking advantage of the benefits (Mia Utopia and the User will be collectively referred to as the “Parties”).


The Agreement, which includes the terms, rules and legal responsibilities stated below, should be read carefully before using the Site.
The User should not use the Site if the specified conditions are not suitable for him.

Using the site and filling out the form containing personal information means that the terms here have been accepted in advance and without objection.

Mia Utopia reserves the right to update and/or change the content of this Agreement at any time. For this reason, users are advised to visit this legal warning page every time they enter the Site.

Mia Utopia and the providers of the Products on the Site are independent and separate real/legal persons, and Mia Utopia is not the provider, implementer and/or agent, dealer, agent or representative of the products offered with the brands.

Entering the Site, the Site or the information and other data on the Site, programs, etc. Mia Utopia is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to the breach of the Agreement, tortious act or other reasons due to the use of Mia Utopia.

For all your questions other than those specified in this Agreement;

– You can send us your questions in writing via the “Contact” section on the site,
– Call +90 542 416 12 16 or You can get an immediate response to any of your questions by contacting us at our e-mail address between 09:00 and 18:00.


The subject of this Agreement is the determination of the products and services offered on the Site, the terms of benefiting from these products and services, and the rights and obligations of the parties. The scope of this Agreement; With this Agreement, these are all statements such as warnings, texts and explanations made by Mia Utopia regarding the use, membership and products in the Site. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the user also accepts all kinds of statements made by Mia Utopia regarding the use, membership and products in the Site. The user accepts and declares in advance that he will act in accordance with all matters stated in the aforementioned statements.


User ;

2.1. Incorrect, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, statements that do not comply with general moral rules and information that contradicts the laws of the Republic of Turkey will not be recorded on the Site.

2.2. It will not be able to copy the content of the site partially or completely without permission.

2.3 He is directly responsible for any damages that may arise from the sharing of information such as user name, password, usage rights given to him or determined by himself, with third parties or organizations, and the use of this information by persons other than himself. Mia Utopia accepts that it has no responsibility in this matter.

2.4. It will not use personal information such as someone else’s IP address, e-mail address, user name. Likewise, it will not reach or attempt to access the private information of other Users without permission. The user accepts in advance that any legal and penal liability that may arise due to such use belongs to him.

2.5. It will not engage in activities that will threaten the security of the Site, will not use or attempt to use software that will prevent the operation of the Site and the software used.

2.6. He has already given his consent to all kinds of e-mail messages that may be sent to him by the Site.

2.7. Mia Utopia cannot transfer this Agreement or its rights and obligations under this Agreement, User information, partially or completely, to any third party without the prior written consent of Mia Utopia; cannot make its membership available to anyone other than itself. Mia Utopia cannot be held responsible, directly and/or indirectly, for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties as a result of such transfers or unauthorized uses. Membership of the User who is found to have used or transferred his membership to someone else is cancelled.

2.8. It will not engage in actions or actions that prevent or restrict the operation of the Site, other Users and third parties’ use of the Site, and will not use harmful software, code or similar elements. In case the User takes such actions and actions, the damages that may occur before Mia Utopia, other Users or third parties will be compensated by the User.

2.9. Mia Utopia will not be liable for any damages it may incur due to harmful software, viruses and other elements that it may be exposed to during the use of the site, unless this malware, virus and other element is sent by Mia Utopia intentionally and/or grossly negligently. He has accepted in advance that he will not make a demand, and that he will ensure the security of his own system with the protection systems against viruses and similar harmful software that he will supply.


3.1. If it is determined that the User has caused any electronic sabotage, an attempt and/or attack to interfere with the earnings of the Site or third parties through the Site, or if a criminal complaint or official investigation request is received from the official authorities against the User, Mia Utopia will inform the relevant User’s identity information. reserves the right to research and explain.

3.2. Mia Utopia may make unilateral changes to this Agreement without giving any notice to the Users when it deems necessary.

3.3. Mia Utopia always has the right to stop the service it provides unilaterally, permanently or temporarily, and to change the content and way of presentation of the service, without giving any reason. In case of any change, Mia Utopia will publish the current terms of use on the Site with a new date update under the same link, and if necessary, it will be notified to its users by e-mail. The renewed current terms of use will be valid from the moment they are published on the Site and the use of the Site will be subject to the renewed terms of use from that moment on.

3.4. Mia Utopia may link to other websites, portals or files on the Site owned by third parties that are not directly or indirectly under its control. Such links may be used as advertisements, references, etc., with the consent of the owner. may be provided for various purposes. Mia Utopia does not make any guarantees regarding the content of such links and the services and products provided on the portals or websites accessed through these links, and Mia Utopia has no responsibility in this context.

3.5. Mia Utopia has the right to cancel the User’s membership and/or block access to the Site, if deemed necessary.

3.6. No announcements, announcements and other information on the site or sent by phone, SMS, e-mail or other means upon the acceptance of the User does not mean that Mia Utopia has made a commitment in this regard. Statements in all kinds of announcements, announcements and other information on the site or communicated to Users by other means are subject to Mia Utopia’s subsequent approval and acceptance, and cannot be interpreted as Mia Utopia’s obligation to conclude a contract with the User.


4.1. The visual and written content presented on the site is for personal use. of the site; Mia Utopia owns all rights, including any design, domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable technical data, codes, applied sales system, business method and business model; or It is used by Mia Utopia under a license from a third party.

4.2. The User cannot distribute, sell, exhibit, reproduce the information published on the Site, the copyrighted information and works of Mia Utopia; In this context, no other work can be derived. It is forbidden to publish any item on this site in another medium or website or to give a link without the prior written consent of Mia Utopia.

4.3. The software rights used in the design of the site and the creation of the database belong to Mia Utopia. Copying or using the aforementioned software is strictly prohibited. All kinds of material and intellectual property rights of Mia Utopia regarding trademark, commercial information, “know-how”, including the Site, the Products published on the Site, information and copyrights and related works, are reserved.


5.1. The information of the users visiting the site (visit time, time, date, pages viewed) is followed in order to serve the Users better. This information, adhering to the Privacy Rules, in order to expand and improve the content, etc. are shared with the companies that the Site cooperates with. The purpose here is to improve the experience and the Site that the Site offers to its users.

5.2. After completing the sections required for registration and confirming his e-mail address, the user can start using the Site by entering his e-mail address and password, provided that he complies with the conditions specified in this contract.

5.3. While using the Site, the User agrees to abide by all the relevant legislative provisions as well as all kinds of announcements and notifications to be published by the Site. All legal, penal and financial responsibilities that may arise due to these notifications and illegal use belong to the User.

5.4. If it is determined that the User does not comply with the obligations set forth in this Agreement and/or any other terms and notifications reported on the Site, the User’s use of the Site may be blocked by Mia Utopia temporarily or indefinitely and/or his account may be closed.

5.5. The User cannot act to prevent or complicate the use of the Site by other Users and visitors, and cannot force/lock servers or databases by installing automatic programs. No cheating attempts. He/she accepts that his/her membership will be terminated if he/she is found and he/she accepts all kinds of legal and penal liability that may arise from this.

5.6. It is the User’s responsibility to back up the physical or electronic correspondence made with the site and is recommended by Mia Utopia. Mia Utopia cannot be held responsible for not backing up, loss, deletion or damage to correspondence.

5.7. The User cannot delete or remove any notes, phrases and/or signs related to copyright, trademark or any right protected or unprotected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works from any material copied from the Site and/or printed with a printer.

5.8. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by the User through the Site. The right to access the Site of the User who terminates his membership will be revoked. The person who cancels his membership accepts that this process is irreversible.

5.9. Mia Utopia reserves the right to dispose of any record of the User account terminated by the Site or the User himself. The user cannot claim any right or compensation for the deleted records.

5.10. The relations of the site users with each other or with third parties are the personal responsibility of the persons.

5.11. The Site may contain links or references to other websites that are not under its control. Mia Utopia is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

5.12. In certain parts of the site, different rules and obligations specific to that section may be specified. Persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

5.13. To read the precautions we take to protect the personal information and privacy of our users and our general policy on this matter, please read the “Privacy Agreement” section.

5.14. The User accepts that he/she will be deemed to have accepted all the provisions of this Agreement from the moment he/she starts to benefit from the Site, and that the Agreement will be valid for himself/herself. The User agrees to indemnify Mia Utopia for any damages incurred due to the violation of its obligations under this Agreement. Mia Utopia has the right of recourse to the User for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that the User may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the User’s behavior contrary to the Agreement.


6.1. Mia Utopia can use the User information, User profiles and other information and content uploaded by the Users to the system on the Site, for security, fulfillment of its own obligations and some statistical evaluations; They can classify and maintain on a database.

6.2. Mia Utopia may make various announcements, announcements and notifications to the contact addresses notified by the User. The user has given his consent in advance that Mia Utopia can make various announcements, announcements and notifications, send e-mails and SMS, and make notifications through other communication ways to the contact addresses it provides. If the user refuses to receive these notifications, he will be able to submit his request to Mia Utopia Customer Service. The user will be able to use the “unsubscribe” link in all e-mails sent by Mia Utopia to unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter. In order to unsubscribe from SMS, the newsletter settings section on the “Special for Me” page can be used by logging in as a member.

6.3. Mia Utopia may disclose the User’s information to the relevant organizations within the framework of its responsibilities stipulated by the legal regulations. In addition, the contact information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.) and other personal information provided by the User during his membership and / or shopping, making and updating the membership transactions to the Site, providing / selling various products / services by Mia Utopia and its suppliers, product / service It can be recorded indefinitely for fee-cost collections and various promotion, advertisement, promotion, communication, sales and carding applications, can be stored, processed, shared and used with third parties for certain or free of charge, when deemed necessary, by Mia Utopia and the specified organizations. .


From the moment the User completes and approves the registration form and/or receives any service or order using this system, this Agreement enters into force with all its provisions and the User is bound by these provisions. The Agreement shall automatically become null and void without the need for any warning, upon termination of membership or the realization of any of the termination conditions listed in this Agreement.


Mia Utopia is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its acts determined by this Agreement, in all cases deemed legal force majeure. These and similar situations shall not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default for Mia Utopia, or no compensation can be claimed from Mia Utopia under any name for these cases. The term “force majeure” means natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures (entering Mia Utopia information system by 3rd parties, putting a computer virus, changing and copying the site content without Mia Utopia’s knowledge, etc.). Including all kinds of problems and disruptions that may arise from the internet environment such as the


Turkish Law shall be applied in the implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and in the management of the legal relations arising within the scope of this Agreement. In the settlement of any disputes arising or may arise due to this Agreement, the courts determined in the relevant law according to the legal status of the parties are authorized.


Mia Utopia’s failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right or power it has under the Agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or power, and the sole or partial use of a right or power does not prevent the subsequent exercise of that or any other right or power.


This Agreement will remain in effect until the User’s membership is cancelled, and will continue to have provisions and consequences between the parties.


12.1. The e-mail address that the user reports to the Site is considered to be the e-mail address where the legal address will be requested for any notification regarding this contract.

12.2. Any notification to be made using the User’s registered e-mail address will be deemed to reach the User 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by Mia Utopia.


The User declares, accepts and warrants that he/she has read and understood all of the articles in this Agreement and that he/she confirms the accuracy of the information he/she has given about him/her.