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Natural Material

Inspired by the Imagination

Hand Made

Imagination Combined with Natura

The develop imagination of our littles will be their future. This is exactly why we are here. We design toys that support them and reveal their own stories in their games.


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Balance Games

Our Montessori wooden balance games are suitable for our little ones and all children and adults. Develop your child’s organizational skills with our Montessori toy.


Mia Vehicle

Our completely Antibacterial products are suitable for all age groups. Develop your child’s organizational skills with our Montessori toy.

Teethers & Rattles

Suitable for all teething babies. It is completely harmless for your baby, develops visual and auditory senses, and also relieves the gums of our little itchy teeth.

Walking Friends

Let our antibacterial wooden rope walker toys be your little one’s best companion.

Mia Puzzle

Thanks to the Montessori wooden puzzle, your child will be able to recognize animals and objects and make room for them in their world.

Montessori Prensipleri ile tasarlanmış Eğitici Ahşap ve Doğal Oyuncak Modelleri En Uygun Fiyatlarıyla Online Satış Sitemizde!

Miniklerimizin hayal gücünü destekleyici, hepsinin kendi ütopyasını yaratmasına yardımcı olacak, 🌳doğal malzemeler kullanılarak yapılan özel tasarım oyun ürünlerimiz çok yakında😌

Blog Posts

Content where you can find answers to the questions you have in mind about your baby and your child both in the development process and their social environment.

Why Wooden Toys?

For a sustainable world, we set out by saying healthy natural toys for health. Wooden games, wooden repair kits, wooden houses made using natural materials reduce the carcinogenic substance intake of babies and children to zero. There is no varnish application in all of our products. Instead, we have wooden puzzle and wooden teether sets that are rubbed or polished with olive oil.

What is Montessori Toys?

Everything that enters the lives of our babies and children should be of a quality that will help them explore the world, create their own space, feed their own imaginations. If you say what a Montessori toy is, exactly Dr. It is the name given to all the toys that support the educational philosophy developed by Maria Montessori. Montessori toys are functional and creative educational toys that allow babies and children to create, explore and support their own worlds with their imagination. As an example of the techniques used in Montessori toys, we can talk about toys made in different sizes. Thanks to these objects, children develop their pre-mathematical knowledge such as size, volume, size, which requires abstract thinking. If we need to look at the plug-in wooden animal puzzles, thanks to them, children get to know different creatures and begin to imagine them. If parents or teachers teach the names of these animals to children in Turkish or English, their language development will begin.

The Place of Wood in Educational Toys

Educational toys can be very diverse, for example; wooden coordination toy, wooden blocks, wooden balance toys or all wooden toys made with the Montessori principle. These toys are usually custom made. But some brands have made these into mass production; ikea wooden toy, grandpa’s house is like a wooden toy. Wooden toys are used in therapy for the treatment of some diseases such as speech disorder. Age doesn’t matter here. It can be 0-1 years old, 1-6 years old or adult individuals can benefit from these therapies. The benefit of wood in this education and development process begins with its naturalness. These toys, which are made using completely natural materials, reinforce texture, touch and grasping in babies. As the age progresses, it keeps babies and children between the ages of 1-3 completely away from the harmful world of toys.

What are the Educational Toy Types?

0-6 Months Educational Toy Models Online Sale

It should appeal to babies’ developing senses, be loud and colourful. They should be able to develop touch and grasp by feeling different materials when touched. Examples are rattles and interlocking toys.

6 Months and 1 Years Educational Toys and Prices

Children develop their motor skills more intensively during this period. That’s why the toys you buy should contribute to motor skills. It should also appeal to the intellect and the senses. For example, wooden blocks stacked on top of each other, simple balance games, simple puzzles. We can also add it to colored reading books.

Buy 2 Years Educational Toys

Children should support their mental development by contributing to their analytical thinking. At the end of the game, one should aim to reach a goal. Lego, balance toys, puzzles, educational 2 year old books can be given as examples.

3-4-5 Age Educational Toys and Types

Your child is now entering the real world. That’s why their toys should provide real-world information. In other words, it can be kitchen sets, doctor games, guitars or pianos that tell the scientific and realities of life. These toys should both contribute to their mental development and enable them to have an idea about real life.